What kind of material is men's tie-[Handsome tie]

Jul. 21, 2021

Men's tie is the most masculine style of ornaments, suits and shirts of faithful partners. A fine men's tie is a must-have for improving the quality and identity of a man. But with the development of clothing fabric and the change of the trend of fashion, what are the materials of the tie?

1、 Silk tie

Silk refers to pure natural silk silk made of silk spit, silk tie bright luster, soft good hand feel smooth silk. The fabric is expensive, good texture and high grade. Suitable for gifts and high-end banquet.

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2、 Polyester tie

Polyester fiber is a kind of artificial silk. Polyester mens thin ties keeps flatness for a long time, with good elasticity and toughness. It is not easy to deform. It is not easy to leave creases after tie wrap. It is easy to clean with a good sense of sag. It is suitable for professional work. It is suitable for professional work. It is a kind of tie with good care and durability.

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3、 Cotton tie

Natural fiber cotton cloth has moisture absorption, soft and not stiff touch, comfortable and dry, and flexible nature. Comfortable and cost-effective. Suitable for men's collocation of fashionable and leisure and modern wedding.

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4、 Wool tie

Wool is a fabric made of raw materials. The color of wool tie fabric is natural and soft, the effect of keeping warm is good, the pattern is clear, the hand feels soft and elastic. Suitable for men in winter with overcoat.

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5、 Knit tie

Knitted fabric is made of yarn bending into a ring and a series of sleeves. Knit tie has the flexibility, wear with the body. Soft, comfortable and gentle. Moisture absorption and permeability, wrinkle resistance, when wrinkle, yarn can be quickly restored, keep the original state. Chemical fiber knitted fabric also has the advantages of easy washing and quick drying. Comfortable and fashionable for casual occasions.

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