Hokkaido University of science custom neckties-[Handsome tie]

Hokkaido University of science. It is a Japanese Private University established in 1924 and set up university education in 1967. Its abbreviation is "North University of science and technology". Its predecessor was "Hokkaido University of technology", and its 90th anniversary was renamed "Hokkaido University of science" in April 2014.

In 2015, a customer came to us through Ali. After understanding our company, he told us that he needed to make a batch of cheap school ties in the activities of Hokkaido University of science. The pictures of ties are the elements of Hokkaido logo. From the documents provided by the customer, we recommend making of digital printing and silk cheap school ties, which are high-end both in feel and quality. Through the proposal and communication, the customer is very satisfied with the amount of cooperation with us, from the sample to the customer received large goods, received customer email appreciation.

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